Ask The Pharmacist

Our new radio show on KVIK & KNEI is “Ask The Pharmacist”


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  • Send us any question you like and we’ll work up an answer to feature on the show.  It’ll be brief, but we’ll try to cover the main points.  If you want more, feel free to stop in and talk with our pharmacists about any concern you have.
  • Don’t worry about privacy: what we put on the air will be a general answer with no personal details.  We want to make the show useful for everyone who’s listening.
  • If you want to direct your question to a specific pharmacist, we’ll try to get that one to answer you on the show: just say so in your email, that you want the answer from Matthew, Anna or Stan.
  • No restrictions on your questions: We’re expecting questions about everything from cholesterol, poison ivy, drug insurance, medicare D, sunscreen, overactive bladder, birth control and a whole lot more. If it’s pharmacy-related, we’re willing to help you out: Just Ask!

Questioned Proposal

photo by: Eleaf